I grew up in a household that loved to travel. My father was (and is) a scientist who was always pursuing opportunities whether in Mexico, Africa, or the Middle East. Whenever it made sense, he would drag our family along on his adventures.

My wife, Aleix, and I met in Puerto Rico when I sailed into San Juan harbor on a research sail boat. I was a member of the crew and had worked on the boat when it was in Antarctica tracking humpback whales. Aleix had grown up in a small town in Northern California her wanderlust had taken her to Puerto Rico to work on an island reforestation project.

whale watching

image courtesy of http://icestories.exploratorium.edu/

Before having kids we agreed that we would someday travel with them and do what we could to introduce them to the world and make them comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Time passed, our kids grew, and whenever we could we would hit the road. We traveled in Europe, spent time in Central America, and explored the western United States. We scribbled itineraries and discussed modes of travel over morning coffee or late night glasses of wine.

family portrait

An Opportunity

After seven years as the Managing Broker of Carmel Realty Company, overseeing its growth from 4 agents to over 30, I decided in the spring of 2015 that I wanted to return to representing clients directly.

But first, Aleix and I would keep the promise we had made to each other 15 years earlier.  With two teenage sons, time was running out. So in late July 2015 we set out in search of adventure, and found it. 

by the sea

After two months of travel in the western United States, we boarded an airplane with four suitcases destined to travel through 25 countries.  We flew on 32 airplanes, traveled by camel, elephant, boat, beat-up taxis, and four wheel drive trucks. 

great pyramids

Our travels are partially documented on our blog, www.ourtravelinglife.com

traveling our life

Our Return

In August of 2016 we returned to Carmel. Our sons, Bryce (17) and Colin (14,) are both at York School, and I am an Associate Broker at the company I helped establish, Carmel Realty. Since our return, we have formed a three person real estate team; me, Aleix, and Mike Proto-Robinson, my father-in-law, a successful agent in his own right.

We hear from folks all the time with great questions about our travels. And, as you can imagine, we enjoy sharing our experiences. So if there is anything you would like to know about specific countries, traveling with kids, school on the road, what we learned, what we would do different, and what we did right, give me a call or send an email. My cell is 831-601-4740.

I look forward to crossing paths soon.

All the best,